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When you've shouted 'Rule Britannia', when you've sung 'God save the Queen'- When you've finished killing Kruger with your mouth- Will you kindly drop a shilling in my little tambourine For a gentleman in Kharki ordered South? He's an absent-minded beggar and his weaknesses are great- But we and Paul must take him as we find him- He is out on active service, wiping something off a slate- And he's left a lot o' little things behind him!

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Schriftsteller, Nobelpreis für Literatur/1907 (England, 1865 - 1936).

Rudyard Joseph Kipling · Geburtsdatum · Sterbedatum

Rudyard Joseph Kipling wäre heute 157 Jahre, 11 Monate, 6 Tage oder 57.684 Tage alt.

Geboren am 30.12.1865 in Bombay
Gestorben am 18.01.1936 in London
Sternzeichen: ♑ Steinbock

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